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We provide courses with recognised qualifications at affordable prices, tailored to your work and personal time patterns. We aspire to the highest standards, closely monitor and assess our clients’ progress, which will enable you to become a fitness professional - so helping others to maintain their own healthy lifestyle whilst empowering you in your career aspirations. Read on for more information …

Enhance your career by realising your learning potential by becoming a fitness professional. You might use your qualification to have a more flexible approach to work or by managing a transition from your current work into self-employment with flexible hours under your own control.

Your career improvement could also enable you to increase your earnings, depending on your salary right now; or maybe your quality of life will improve by having better working hours and perhaps closer to your home.

By becoming a fitness professional you can make a real and positive contribution to people’s health and well being - and through this make a contribution to a better society.

By using our distance learning balanced with our face-to-face package, linked with our team of tutors, you can manage your learning to fit your own time and work commitments.

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